BPM or Tempo as long as not Zero

So I've made a goof.

about 60% of my tracks have a tempo value and a bpm string in the title.

As I've combined them and then renamed, I noticed that some have zero bpm, but have tempo.

%artist% - %title%(CLEAN) - %initialkey% - $num(%BPM%,1) BPM - %year%

So I'm wondering is there a way in the tag - file name to cope with that, or would I be better with

something that put tempo into bpm (unless not 0) and then a separate action to do the reverse

So $ift2(x,BPM) TEMPO ?

Have a look at the characters with special functions in format strings:

Esp. check the square brackets.

Yet, I would check the purpose of the TEMPO field as that is, unlike the standard field BPM, a user-defined one that probably not a lot of players will display.
So perhaps it is wiser to copy the contents of TEMPO to BPM (if they have the same context) and then use only BPM and delete TEMPO.

Yeah a common DJ tool uses tempo, which is annoying. (Mixed in Key)

If BPM and TEMPO appear alternatively in a file, you could use
It will lead to strange results if both are present.

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