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In regards to the ALT-T function in the development build, if I want to put in a bpm field .. and want that field to be recognized by other programs who go by the tag definitions as provided in a recent post, I would call the tagfield "TBPM" correct?

Is there a limit on the size of that tag field?

The reason I ask is that most people use a three digit bpm (like 128) for bpms. I calculate out my bpms so that 7 character spaces are needed (like 128.145).

Right now I also put those as the first 7 positions of a filename:

128 185 Donna Summer - State of Independence (DMC Mix).mp3

Can you help me with the syntax needed to convert the bpm to a bpm field .. and then the artist name to the artist field (the rest is easy, of course).

Any help with this would certainly help me figure out some other little personal preferences that I want to work into my mp3tag installation.

btw at this moment I have about 20,000 mp3 files on my hard drives that I'm preparing to archive onto dvd. I want to get as much info in the right place as possible so I can have the final disk listings put into a database for easy lookup and retrieval in the future.

Also, only about 500 of the 20,000 have the bpm situation at the top of the filename, but its's a format that I use on every WAV I play .. but have been lazy at transferring over to the mp3s because I've never had a way to easily manipulate the information into a useful tag format .. until now!)



please wait until the next development build before saving a BPM field in your files. At the moment the mapping between ID3v2 frames and user-defined input does not create a TBPM ID3v2 frame when entering BPM or TBPM in the advanced tag dialog (it'll result in an user-defined TXXX frame).

I'll complete the work on the mapping mechanism to the next development build and will notice you via this thread.

Regarding your question about the BPM field size limitation I want to quote the ID3v2 standard:

So it's only allowed to store whole bpm vlaues to the field.

Best regards,
~ Florian

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Heck, I might as well just use the custom field option you've created instead of waiting to put in a number that will short change me by up to .999 in bpm accuracy.

One followup question: Can I automate the transfer of my bpm information into a custom field -- if the bpm info is in the filename as shown below:

128 725 DEBORAH COX - Who Do You Love (New Mix).mp3

Note: the bpm would be 128.725, but I put it in the filename with a space instead of the '.'

Thanks for your speedy reply on my first post -- and congrats on creating such a great piece of software. I try out all sorts of various utilities and software ... and in the past 6 to 9 months your program is the only one I've tried and now cannot live without.

:music: RICK



the latest development build of Mp3tag creates a TBPM ID3v2 frame, when you enter BPM as fieldname at View, Tags. This field can be displayed and edited by other ID3v2 capable programs as well.

To import the BPM value from the filename to the tag, please follow these steps:

  1. create a new action group via ALT+5 and name it "BPM filename".

  2. create a new action Replace with regular expressions with Field _FILENAME, Regular expression (\d+) (\d+) (.+) and Replace matches with $1 $2 $3This will add a secondary blank after the bpm part in the filename.

  3. import the BMP value to the tag via Converter, Filename - Tag using the formatstring %bpm% %artist% - %title%

  4. create a new action group via ALT+5 and name it "BPM remove blanks".

  5. create a new action Replace with Field BPM, Original filled with one blank and Replace with filled with one dot.

  6. create a new action Replace with Field _FILENAME, Original filled with tow blanks and Replace with filled with one blank.

  7. try to understand the above steps :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

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Fantastic!!! Thanks for the info .. I'm off now to make this work before I archive 2003 and prior mp3s to DVD.

I'll let you know how it goes.