BPM tag on MP4 files and itunes


I previous mp3tag versions (I don't remember when the change was introduced), the BPM tag for MP4 files was always in the form "XXXXX BPM", which is recognized properly by itunes.

But now it is works just as the same as with other file formats, ie no special formatting (just the "plain" BPM value). Consequently, the BPM is no more recognized by itunes :frowning:

Could you add an option in preferences to force BPM tag for MP4 files to be in the "XXXXX BPM" format like in old version, so itunes recognize it?

Or maybe point me to a regular expression action to format it correctly?

Thank you very much.

EDIT: nevermind, seems it's an issue with iTunes 10.X that doesn't format the BPM tag correctly during conversion. Deleting the tag then writing it again makes mp3tag format it fine and itunes recognize it. Damn apple!