Hy Guys - me again and again - and always with a question :slight_smile:

does anybody use a bpm tool? for the moment I've found MixMeister BPM Analyzer
it checks the beats per minute and writes them into the BPM Tag

so now my question(s)
does anybody know a commandline tool for this?
does anybody know a better tool for determing the bpm?
is there an action (script) to "convert" the bpm number to
another tag (e.g. speed: slow - isert other ideas - fast)
to an agreeable standard or perhaps already agreed upon
standard for most people?

thx for constructive input


I have to admit, the best and most accurate bpm measurement tool is a little plugin from a programmer in Denmark. .. the plugin is designed to work with Cool Edit Pro which has now morphed into Adobe Audition.

I've used it for years .. and best of all it gives you a bpm reading down to the thousandth bpm (ie: 128.547). It can be super fast with results .. depending on how much of the wav file you hilight for the bpm calculation (very quick at testing the top and end of a song to make sure it doesn't change speed somewhere in between.) I had to do some adjusting with mp3tag to be able to store the complete info). Here is what it looks like:

Because of changes in Audition's architecture you can't use the plugin with Audition 2.0. I've found for the best bpm results, you should use Cool Edit 2.0 or Audition 1.0 (the plugin will automatically install in those programs, plus in CEP2 you can have it check the BPM while you're playing the file with the program.) I have Cool Edit Pro 2, Audition 1, Audition 1.5 and Audition 2 installed on my computer right now .. overkill? no, I just use each one for it's strengths or multi multi multi multi tasking sometimes.

Here are some links:

www.pyramidedata.dk - BPM Plugin info

Direct download link for version 1.01 of the plugin

(note that it's "pyramide" data if you need to type in the link manually for some rteason. Also,
he has some other user-friendly bpm tools on his site, as well.)

I poked around for the old Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for you, but didn't find anything to download (I'm sure with further searching you can find it out there). Let me know if you need any help with any part of this.


P.S. It doesn't put the bpm data into the file ... however, if you're editing or using music for dj work or re-editing, you're hopefully going to be using wav files for this process (if you want accuracy and assured clarity of sound) and there is no tag fields in a wav file for bpm info. My solution was to put the bpm at the front of the filename, that way things were sorted by bpm etc. The file names looked something like this:

           <b>131.168 Whitney Houston - Learned From The Best (Some Version).wav</b>

The best program for clean speed/pitch adjustments is Sound Forge (used to be Sonic Foundry, now Sony).

Hi all,

since I'm new to the community, first I'd like to congratulate you to the great tool. really well developed and user friendly and even well documente! :smiley:

I looked around a bit concerning the BPM (beats per minute) information, tools to get this information or ideally a database to download this information. I checked helium, BeaTunes, iTunes, ... and none of them were any reliable.

Also confusing to me it the often asked question upfront: in which range roughly is the BPM? Well I ask the tool to tell me, not vice versa :laughing:

Due to my iPod I am stronlgy motivated to use iTunes and would like to continue to further use it. In combination to MP3tag for the other tag information it works fine.

Compared to h-legin I do not use wav files but simple mp3 files. Therefore it seems I cannot use the Danish tool below. :wink:

Questions to you as the MP3 experts:

  1. is there a database somewhere to download this useful BPM information? Ideally through MP3tag or as a plug-in. Actually, this would be the easiest. Why should everyone do this time consuming analysis for himself... :astonished:

  2. If there is no db, which software do you know that easily and especially accurately counts MP3 files BPM QUICKLY. Since I do not work as a DJ (at least not yet...) I rather look for a simple plug in for iTunes or some software that does this analysis for a larger number of files in a batch process which writes this information directly into the file.

Thanks for a quick hint and keep up the great work!
regards, bj.



Hi DetlevD,

thanx for the quick reply. Tried the freeware version that I did not find earlier on the mixmeister homepage.

Looks good. Easy to use. Quite fast.
After running the first 1000 songs I had a quick check. Accuracy looks a bit better then the other tools I tried so far. But still I find some very strange results. Here some examples of songs you might know or have in your database as well:

"Time" from Alan Parsons Project: BPM = 145 -> rather 70?
"Limelight" from Alan Parsons Project: BPM = 162 -> rather 60?
"Hey Jude" from Beathles: BPM = 146 -> rather 70?
"Tears in heaven" from Eric Clapton: BPM = 157 -> rather 70?
"What it is" from Bad Religion: BPM = 82 -> rather 140?
"Good thing" from Fine Young Canibal: BPM = 82 -> rather 120?

Questions to the experts. Could you review the 6 songs above and tell me which BPM value you would give them? Maybe I 'define' the BPM different to others? :music:

Looking forward to your responses ...

I just do regular old home listening. No DJ, no party mixes. For listening I use J River Media Center or J River Media Jukebox. Jukebox is the free version. Media Center is the pay version. Anyways, those tools can do audio analysis to figure out BPM and album gain (for volume leveling). The only song out of those 6 that I have is Hey Jude. J River gave it a BPM of 74.

Thanx, Frobozz.

I also 'just enjoy my music' privately - no work as a DJ.

I'm still surprised, that there are many different tools coming up with different results. Wouldn't it make more sense to have this information attached to the other available tag information in one of the different databases (cddb.com/freedb.org, gracenote.com...)?

As of my knowledge, none of them have this information.

Is someone aware of another tag-information-source?

Regards, bj.

Some BPM test data:

Hey Jude - The Beatles - One - 147.26
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton - Unplugged - 152.33
Baby Don't Cry - INXS - The Greatest Hits - 185.91

BPM Detector Pro 1.02 (Demo)
Hey Jude - The Beatles - One - 144.51
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton - Unplugged - 154.33
Baby Don't Cry - INXS - The Greatest Hits - 185.70

Hand tapped
Hey Jude - The Beatles - One - 72.25
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton - Unplugged - 154.33
Baby Don't Cry - INXS - The Greatest Hits - 92.85

The Rule:
Unusual fast bpm values can be divided by 2 which will give a somewhat correct musical bpm value.

This seems to be a good page to get an overview of bpm analyzing software:

This PDF gives some in deep view:
Beat Detection Algorithms, Published Jun 07 2003 08:39 PM, By Frédéric Patin

Edit. Beat Detection Algorithms, URL changed.