Brackets square to round

Hello all,

I have searched and found the solution, but I can't get it to work.

I have a lot of files with: [extra]
I want to convert them to: (extra)

I have downloaded the mta file, from that topic, but I cant find it anywhere.
The topic says at actions, but there isn't it.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Maybe an action for "Replace with regular expression" would be easier for my use.

Which of the topics would you like to deal with?

  1. the problem of putting the mta file into the right folder?
  2. using that what one found as solution for one's own action?
  3. Creating some actions to replace the brackets?

I think I go with 3.

Create an a action group with a name of your choice
In that action group creat an action of the type "Replace" for the field that you don't mention
Search string: [
Replace string: (
In the same action group create another action of the type "Replace" for the field that you don't mention:
Search string: ]
Replace string: )
Save the action group,
Select all the files that should be treated.
Execute the action.

Thanks for the quick response.

In 2 actions it is done.

Better then everything doing by one by one.


As I wrote: you can join several actions in one action group which is then executed with just one mouse click. No need to run the 2 actions separately.

Thanks again.

I had made 2 actions,
I now merged them