Brazilian Portuguese - Português brasileiro

Translators: @alangfp

Status: available from v1.1.2

This topic is all about the Brazilian Portuguese translation** of Mp3tag for Mac.

If you'd like to help translate Mp3tag to Português brasileiro or if you spot a mistake, have suggestions, or comments, please leave your reply here.

Hey Florian,
I have just finished translating everything to Brazilian Portuguese. I hope I did a great job. I left a few specific questions there.
I guess the only thing left is for another BR-Portuguese speaker to check and approve the work, right? Let's hope someone shows up soon enough! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cadê os BR pra ajudar??? kkkkkkkk

Thx again for your amazing work!

Have a nice day.

That's great! Thanks a lot Alan :pray:

It would be best if someone could proofread your translation and suggest possible changes. Let's see if there are more BR-Portuguese speakers around :slight_smile:

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I've included the translation with Mp3tag for Mac v1.1.2 :slight_smile:

Please let me know if there are any changes to be made to the translation, both within the app and on the Mac App Store.

Thanks again!

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Yay!! Sounds good. I'll recheck it from time to time. :heart_eyes:

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