Breadcrumbs path in answer layout

Naturally, I am not sure if this is possible at all.
But actually, I miss the breadcrumb path somewhere on the page where you open the editor and answer to a topic.
Currently, there is only the topic headline and the home page button/picture.
I would find it so much nicer to be able to jump back to previous category.
Right now I have to first open the main page again and then choose the category.
Also, the breadcrumb path would give a nice orientation where one is.

Or I am completely flashed with the new layout and do not see the obvious.

Edit: yes, I was flashed: right beneath the topic headline there is the name of the category which is also a link and gives you additionally a bubble help about the general purpose of that category.
I still have to get my orientation, sorry.

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It's here :slight_smile:

If you find anything else missing, please let me know. It's quite a change, but I hope the transition is easy.

I was confused, too. It's not clear that it's a breadcrumb.
Could also be just a tag list as there are differently coloured dots in front and nothing in between.