breaking the lines

hi guys,

i'd like to have some Discogs info in the Comment field. i tried using the Format value action but encountered one issue - it lets you to paste only one line in the Format string

specifically, i need to have the following in the Format string:

Label: %publisher%
Catalog#: %catalog%
Format: %Mediatype%
Country: %country%
Style: %Style%
Credits: %Credits%
Notes: %Notes%

but as it lets you to paste only one line i can have Label: %publisher% only

is there some code that lets you to break the lines, smth like

Label: %publisher%<BREAK>Catalog#: %catalog%<BREAK>Format: %Mediatype%<BREAK>Country: %country%<BREAK>Style: %Style%<BREAK>Credits: %Credits%<BREAK>Notes: %Notes%?

or another way to do it?

thank you in advance!

and thank you for your great software!!!


the following is what i see in Winamp now:

and in Mp3tag:

however, when i view Extended Tags i see this:

which is exactly what i need

the following is what i have in the Format string:

Label: %publisher%$char(13)$char(10)Catalog#: %catalog%$char(13)$char(10)Format: %Mediatype%$char(13)$char(10)Country: %country%$char(13)$char(10)Style: %Style%$char(13)$char(10)Credits: %Credits%$char(13)$char(10)Notes: %Notes%

please advise or let me know if you need more info. thanks in advance

Make sure that you use a compatible ID3 tag format between Winamp and Mp3tag, say ID3v2.3 and UTF-16 character encoding.


The problem is that Mp3tag saves line breaks in Linux format ($0A) and Winamp can read only windows line breaks ($13 $10)
The ID3v2 standard even says that only $0A is allowed, but there are programs that do it differently.

You can fix it temporarily with an action "Regular Expression"
RE: \a
Replace: \d\a

But when you save the tag again in Mp3tag it gets changed again.

thanks a lot - it worked!

just curious about that Linux and Windows line breaks and what are those \a and \d\a. perhaps you have a link that can explain what's that...

thanks again for your help

\xhh is a RegEx for hexadecimal characters, hh is the hexcode itself

\a = RegEx for "Line Feed (LF)" / ASCII 10 / Escape \n
\d = RegEx for "Carriage Return (CR)" / ASCII 13 / Escape \r

Both are non-printing characters.