Bring Up MP3Tag in TotalCommander to Read Files

Hi There - I would like to bring Up MP3Tag in Total Commander to read selected MP3 files. Right now I have added MP3Tag to the TC button bar but it only launches MP3Tag and reads the whole directory, rather than the selected files.

My apologies if this has been discussed before but have not been able to find it yet.

Thank you

have a look at this thread about calling MP3tag from other applications:

Thank you very much! Very helpful! Will play around with the various examples. Perhaps I need to also post to the TC Forums as I am trying to launch MP3Tag from files I select in TC.

Hi Everyone-I found the answer on TC Forum and tested it and it works. Here is the instruction:

"Place button on vertical bar - assign path\Mp3tag.exe and use %P%N as parameters.
Now all you have to do is select music folder and click on new button, this will launch mp3tag with selected folder. "
Link to Post: mp3tag integration - Total Commander

Also including screenshot of my config in TC

TC_MP3Tag Button Config

Are you really sure, that you don't have to add the Mp3tag commandline options/parameters
Mp3tag.exe /fp:"<full-qualified path to directory>"
to start Mp3tag with a given directory
Mp3tag.exe /fn:"<full-qualified file name>"
to start Mp3tag with a single file?

as mentioned here:

or noted here:

Hi There - yes indeed it works fine-Im selecting files or folder from TC and MP3Tag comes up and reads the file/folder perfectly!

With or without the /fp: or /fn: options in TotalCommander?

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