Broken Discogs data?

I have a 10-stereo demonstration record. It is on discogs as

The discogs listing WAS missing lots of information, and didn't accurately reflect the number of tracks, artists etc. So I fixed that.

The record has an introduction track that is not listed on the sleeve or labels. Rather than change the A1/B1 etc which would mismatch the labels, I just added a "-" for the new track number. Time will tell if discogs allows that, the guidelines are not clear. Database Guidelines 12. Tracklisting – Discogs

Anyway, I tried to use mp3tag to tag the tracks, and it returned no tracks when using Tag Sources/Discogs ReleaseID [r4712359]

You can see the mp3tag and discogs entry in this


On balance, I've switched the introduction track to A0. However, mp3tag still doesn't retrieve the track data.

I'm open to fixing the source data if this is an edge case not produced anywhere else, but need to know the rules to make the change work.

I've just tried to import the data using the Discogs Release ID tag source and it seems that it's working as expected.

Have you adjusted anything of the source data?

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