They all have some great and some bad things,
like all programs.
I use IE.


Firefox most of the time and IE and Opera for testing my websites.

By the way, I will move this to Off-Topic. :slight_smile:


Netscape rulezz!!! :smiley:
I'm using Netscape 7.2 for browsing because of many features I like and other (IE6, Netscape 8, Firefox, Opera) for testing.

EDIT: I've changed to Firefox 1.5 now :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy FireFox user here :slight_smile:

I was using Opera before (also bought a license for it) but I've switched to the FireFox/Thunderbird combination after M2 deleted some important mails on my IMAP server.


I use Firefox for all personal browsing. Some of my work requires the IE engine, for which I use Maxthon, and I use Opera for site testing only.


Firefox for the most part. IE when absolutly necessary.


Yeah, Firefox baby!

Although I have so many extensions installed that I believe I have a memory leak somwhere. I've had Firefox using over 200mb of RAM!!! :smiley:


Proud FF-user since February 2004 now. :smiley: - But sometimes (due to some problems with chatrooms, dunno why) I have to use Mozilla. IE only for the necessary OS-updates.


Can anyone tell me what you all see in Firefox?
When IE 7 comes out, it will beat all alternate browsers.


I don't think so.

First of all, Internet Explorer is part of Windows and therefore a hacker can gain control over the whole system if a security flaw is found. With Firefox and Opera however, a hacker can most likely control the browser only.
Firefox is open source. This is not only something developers can be happy about, but if a software is open source, security flaws and bugs can be found faster and therefore (hopefully) fixed quicker.
There are plenty of third party extensions available which make browsing more comfortable. Just to name a few: mouse gestures support, Adblock, Forecastfox... You can also theme Firefox which is not possible with IE as far as I know.
Firefox and especially Opera have a better XHTML and CSS parser. Trident (the core of IE) is pretty outdated and the fixes which are expected in IE 7 only address some of IE's problems. The Internet is something that keeps getting better and better and more and more stuff is added. I don't think that you can keep a browser up-to-date if you release a new version every two or three years.


Will see about security support, and what do you say about maxton or avant?


Same applies to them since they use Internet Explorer in the background. They only add a bit more comfort by enabling tabbed browsing, mouse gestures and RSS. However, the main problems of IE - security and standards compliance - are still there.


Firefox forever baby!

IE using only for one Java site :slight_smile:


This poll's looking good for Firefox :w00t: ...
But then again, the ppl visiting the mp3tag forums
are more tech-savvy than the average joe :laughing:


Best browser is in my opinion Firefox. With the many plug-ins and add-ons you can make it to a ad-killer and media center.
And some plug-ins like Scrapbook help to archive a web page. Pretty awesome.