Bug on rename directory

When I have an action to rename a directory in an action group, MP3tag report an error:
"Impossible to move to x from x..."
I have to create a separate action to rename the folder :-/

Here are the task with all actions:

I think there is an issue with the directory management:
On Mac, merging is more specific than Windows and I think you have to use this specific merging option because if you attempt to move files with an action in the same directory, we have the error: the element already exist and cannot be replaced

Thanks for your feedback! I'm not quite sure on how to reproduce it here — if you can create a minimal example, it would be most helpful.

Sorry if I was not clear ^^'
For example:
An album with two discs and this structure:

I don't use this structure, I prefer the disc number directly in the filename:
01-01 - artist - title.ext

I used a lot Mp3tag on Windows and when I changed the _DIRECTORY field, all the files were merged in the same folder.
In MacOS, merge does not work...

Here are graphical details:

My original album with two discs structure

Format tag directory field

Error on validate

At the end, the result on Mac

In Windows, no problem:

Capture d’écran 2021-04-26 à 18.11.22

Thanks for help!

Many thanks for the detailled explanation. I've now reproduced the issue and will work on a fix.

Many thanks Florian to be so quick ^^
I'm user since the 1st release, so it's a long story between Mp3tag and me!!!

I've made progress regarding this issue yesterday and have sent you a link to an internal beta version via PM.

Can you try this version and check if it behaves as expected with all your different folder renaming scenarios?

Yes, this beta version corrects the issue completely!
Many thanks!!!

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Great! Thanks for taking the time to test and confirming the fix. I'll include this officially with the next release.

This is now officially fixed with Mp3tag for Mac v1.1.4. Thanks again for reporting and testing!

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