Bugs Filter frame and sort by filename (0,1,2,...)

  1. after export file, i can not typing to filter frame
  2. sort by name ( picture )

What so you mean by "export file"?

How is anyone to find out what you mean by that?
Could you please tell us in detail, what you have done (paths to functions, parameters), what the expected behaviour was and what the found behaviour was?
If you find an irritating sorting behaviour, I would check

  • did you really sort by that column?
  • what is defined in the "sort by" property for that column?
  1. after export any file i can't type to filter frame
  2. The numbers are not sorted

I can confirm this bug. (Sort-option numeric not enabled)
I never noticed it before, because I don't use so long (hex?) numbers in leading positions of a tag-field. With tracknumbers (up to 4 digits), that I use in the filename, this does not occur.

This bug is not restricted to the filename, it also occurs in other tag-fields. I tested it in the album-field.

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I can confirm the Filter after Export issue and will fix it to the next release.

The filenames are sorted correctly. Referring to
You have "Options > General > Use natural sorting" enabled and are sorting in descending order. Please note that the numeric part is going from larger to smaller. I don't see the bug.

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I turned it disable and the problem was fixed
But I thought it must be the opposite

In the meantime, the Help section should be updated

I've fixed the issue where the Filter was being disabled after exporting with Mp3tag v2.99.

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