Bugs in 2.47a

I've just updated from 2.46a to 2.47a and :

I want to modify title's case: tag TITLE isn't available in list (TITLESORT only)
I add a cover to an album, save data... the list refreshes and cover does not appear
I erase the comments for each file (tag "COMMENT"); when I open them in AIMP comment fields looks like this: 0000071f 00000675 00001cc4 00001c94 00027145 00030d6e 00007f51 00008000 00030d40 00022325

All this in 5 min use --> I get back to the previous (perfect) version.
Good luck!

I can confirm the bug with the missing TITLE in the selection lists.

COMMENT: There is no single COMMENT field but many of them. iTunes also uses a comment field to store its "replaygain" information called "SoundCheck". Maybe your player isn't aware of that...


This has been addressed with Mp3tag v2.47b. Please see the release notes for details on how to bring back the missing fields.

Thanks Florian for your ongoing efforts you put into mp3tag!

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