building my own tags

Hi, First of all - What a great Program!!!

I'm sure I can get it to do what I want it to do, but so far - no luck.

First a bit of background. A store in the UK (Argos) is selling the Venturer 40GB MP3 player for the amazing price of £50 (70 Euros) and I fell for the temptation...

What you get is a hard disk MP3 player with 40BG storage about the size of a Sony Walkman cassette player and weighing 260 grammes. So it ain't small!! But that doesn't worry me.

One of it's most annoying features is that when I play a CD, it always plays the tracks in alphabetical order (i.ei it ignores the track number tag).

I've used MP3Tag to create a new filename and the format was

$left(%album%,6)-$NUM(%discnumber%,1)-$num(%track%,2) - %title%

So a track from the Patti Smith album "Horses" that was 01 Gloria.wma. Became
Horses-0-01 - Gloria.wma

I wanted to include the disk number to group tracks from multi-disk sets.

The idea being to have the first 6 characters of the album title as a way to group tracks for each album.

I transferred the files to the player and.... it failed.
For all modes apart from view by File/Folder it still sorted the tracks in alphabetical order!

I now need to do the same for the tag. I manually changed the track tags for about 4 tracks to the format and when I downloaded it - the results were exactly what I wanted.

Now, all I need is a way to automate this process so that I can change all the tags automatically.

Any ideas???

You can make a new action "Format value" where you can fill a tag field with the values of other tag fields.