Built in Actions 'prepend' and 'append'

This feature request is just to simplify currently roundabout functionality.

We have a set of files:
Symphony 3 in E -I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Presto
24 Preludes -I. Wow
II. Oh my...
III. funny
XXIV: finally

I'd like "Symphony 3 in E -" to be in front of the files that it belongs to so II. andante and III. presto in this example. Easy, i do it manually. the 24 preludes however might take some time. In both these cases I will select the files I want and use regexp (.+) on field to change 'Symphony 3 in E -$1' or the preludes. This is easy enough but adds another set of instructions we need to insert every single time we do this, and if we have a large amount of files with this scenario it might be simpler to have an inbuilt action 'Prepend' or 'Append' as necessary the only difference being whether the regex goes before or after the string we want to insert.

In another feature request I have Iterate based on last result in set made here this could also be used in a set where we specify that if the string doesn't start with what we're looking for we perform a pre-specified regexp to determine which of 2 (or more) actions we'd like run on the loop. While I don't expect that feature request to be accomplished I think prepend or append simplifications could be useful. Thanks.

Usually I use the action of the type "Format value" to add a string constant to a field.
Or you use the Convert>Tag-Tag function where you can do something like this for title:
Prelude %title%
to get Prelude inserted before the variable TITLE data.

Now that I think about it there's really no way to simplify this functionality any further. Replace with regexp blah - $1 or format values blah - %title% both accomplish the same thing and adding another action to duplicate this functionality is redundant. the op can delete this thread. Cheers.