Bulk adding apostrophes using actions

A loooooong time ago, I found a set of actions on these forums for converting certain words to lower case. Things like, an, a, the, as, of and so on. It saved my life. Not literally, but it made things so much easier for tagging my files.

Since then I've used those actions hundreds and hundreds of times, plus created a couple of my own. Very simple actions, like populating artist and album fields based on my directory structure.

What would be awesome is a set of actions, like the case actions I described, that would add apostrophes for words like don't, I'll, can't, doesn't, etc. I was able to to create a single action for the word youre in the _FILENAME field. It works perfect of course. But I'd like to run all words on a single action. Or maybe just a few if there's some kind of limit.

Thanks in advance!

I wonder what this is about single actions ...
You can either create an action group with several actions of the type "Replace" where each action takes care of one word and its replacement or you create an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: $replace(%title%,dont,don''t,cant,can''t)
You can add more replacement pairs to the $replace() function (I think up to 32 but that is just an impression).
So depending on the number of words you want to replace, just one action may be enough, perhaps you have to add a further one.

A couple of actions would be fine, since I'm fine with the five steps for case editing. :wink:

I'll give this a try and report back.

I tried a few times, but using the FORMAT VALUE action failed, so I created a few individual actions using REPLACE and that's working great. Just have to add to it as I find contractions that need an apostrophe.

Thank you for the help.

That is astounding as it worked perfectly over here - so a little more details would have been nice like what you expected which code you used for which field, so that I can learn how to explain it better next time.

It was late when I tried last night, so I must have done something wrong. It's working great now. >_>

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