Bulk album art tagging

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I recenly changed my mobile playing device and noticed that many of my music files do not have the album art embedded in their individual tags, but merely stored in the folder.

Accordingly, I was wondering if someone could give me a hint how to solve the problem, i.e. by the bulk introduction of the correct album art to the tags of the music files, which are stored in folders like this:

/mp3/// - .mp3
(and the same for everything in flac as well).

...and whereby each folder already contains the right album art stored in a file called "folder.jpg".

Obviously, I can manually enter each affected folder and update the tags, but since we are probably talking about over 1000 albums to fix, I am looking for an automated process and would be grateful for suggestion.

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Oh, sorry. The HTML interpreted my brackets wrong. File storage format is:

/mp3/album-artist/album/interprete - title.mp3

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Load the files
Select the files
Create an Action(Quick) of the type "Import cover from file"
Enter as
Format string: folder.jpg
(set the further data like covert type and overwrite as you like)
Click OK to run the action.

If there is not always a file called folder.jpg, you can use wildcards to import the first file Mp3tag finds, e.g.
Format string *.jpg

Thank you for the quick answer. That is great and seems to do the trick. However, since I have a mix of files with and without embedded art and want to avoid duplicate art, I was wondering if there is also a trick to help out there? I notice the option to "delete existing cover art". Is there an option that only the front cover is replaced, so I can maintain any back covers or the like?

Btw. before I test full-scale: When I select my entire collection, will I need to specify anything special in the Formal String to ensure that the respective "folder.jpg" is applied to (only) the files in each same specific folder or is that the default way of working anyway?

There is no way to "replace" a cover. You either add it or the old one gets deleted and the new one added.
So it may be a good idea to filter for files without cover first with
%_covers% MISSING
and then treat those.
For those with already existing covers ... I would do an export of all covers first and define a filename like:
Format string: %album%_%cover_type%

This should lead to filenames like Help_Front Cover.jpg and Help_Back Cover.jpg
You could then import first the folder.jpg files as front and remove all existing covers. and then import the back covers (again) by adding them.

Yes, this is the default way: from the current folder.

Thanks a bunch. Very grateful. I had no idea I could sort by properties like missing covers and only just now realised the "filters" drop down list at the bottom now. Sorry for my newbie questions.

Anyway, is there a particularlys good help page with all the filter parameters and corresponding syntax?

I don't know whether it is particularly good, but there is a help page in the help:

Man, you just saved my day!

Have a wonderful rest-weekend.

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