Bulk Convert FLAC album art size.?

HI all,
Is there a way I can resize all my existing FLAC files album cover art to max of 500x500 jpg?
My car media player does not see the artwork of some albums, and I read that it may need to be a 500x500 jpg file to work. (although plenty that are over that size do show) ?
A dummies guide would be good for this explanation please, as I have just downloaded the program to attempt this and am unfamiliar with it :slight_smile:

Maybe, an action of the type "Adjust cover" helps you.
This action also allows you to modify the picture type - and it could be that your player needs standard jpg files and does not understand progressive ones. A change of picture type would set it to standard.
If that is the case then you may let the pictures be as large as they are.

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Thank you ohrenkino, that does what I want for each cover singly, but as I have a lot of albums can it be done as a batch conversion ?

Actions always treat all the selected files.
So if you select more than 1 file and then call the action, it should work as you intended.

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Excellent, thank you very much :+1:

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