Bulk Edit "album" field

I would appreciate help in bulk renaming the Album field as follows
Current Album field shows all my Various Artists albums as
eg VA Super Hits of the 70's
I wish to remove the VA for all albums.
I have tried everything but as a novice I am struggling.
Thanks MarkB

What would that have been?
Try an action of the type "Replace" for ALBUM
Search string: VA
(with a trailing space)
Replace with:
(leave empty)

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Of if you prefer to remove VA with a visual GUI and a preview:
Press Convert Tag -> Tag (Alt+5)

Field: ALBUM
$replace(%ALBUM%,VA ,)


This would replace every occurrence of VA with nothing = remove it (in the tag ALBUM in the selected songs).

Thanks heaps all fixed

Thanks for the help all fixed, cheers markb

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