Bulk remove brackets from mp3 ARTIST field

Hey guys! I have been organizing a bunch of old mp3 files and a lot of them have brackets in the ARTIST tag field. I'd like to bulk remove these brackets from all files. Is it possible to achieve this using mp3tag?

I tried a few things, but I could only find solutions for the FILENAME, which is not my case. I'd like to edit the ARTIST tag field embedded in the file. Any suggestions or ideas on how to do it? Below there's an example of the current files.

Screenshot 10 07-Jan-22 15.50

Create an action group with 2 actions, both of the type "Replace" for ARTIST.
Search string: [
Replace with:
(leave empty)
and the other one
Search string: ]
Replace with:
(leave empty)

That was awesome! Worked like a charm. I'm so in love with this software, it's amazing! Thanks so much for the help.

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