Bulk Rename Utility Help

I used the Bulk Renaming Utility to remove the numbers in front of all my file names. For example, instead of a song named like this:

10 Crocodile Rock

I used the Bulk Rename Utility to remove the first 3 spaces so that the title looks like this

Crocodile Rock

When I open mp3tag, the old name of 10 Crocodile Rock shows up.

Is there a refresh that I need to do so that my newly named tracks show up?

are we talking about the filename or the embedded tag field TITLE?

I am referring to the tag field title, I will show 2 screen snips, one is what the file looks like in explorer, and the other is how it shows up in mp3tag

So I gather that you modified the filename but left the tag field TITLE as it is - which was to be expected if you use a file renaming utility. The filename is generally independent from the embedded metadata.

You have now several options:

  • import the field TITLE from the filename with Convert>Filename - Tag and format string %title%
  • Split the field TITLE so that you save the track number in the field TRACK with an action of the type "Guess value" (which I would favour), source %title%, Format string: %track%. %title%
  • simply remove the leading digits with an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE with search string ^\d+\. and an empty replace with string.

There are probably some variations to these themes available. Your choice.

Thank you!!! When I choose the first option convert filename to tag it works!
That is what I did- I renamed the filename with a separate program called Bulk Rename Utility.

Oops- that worked, but then the Artist field got blanked out. How can I convert the filename-tag title, but leave the Artist field intact?

Please check the format string in Convert>Filename-Tag:
it should contain only %title% and no reference to %artist%.

Thanks! That did it!