Bulk Update Year Field with Discog/Other Sites


I have finally decided to tackle the retagging of a fairly large library and have chosen Mp3Tag for the task (for fairly obvious reasons, I think :laughing: ) I have made good progress and am nearing the end of my task here, but something has just struck me - Many of my YEAR field do not represent the original release date, which is of course now what I would like to set the field as.

Apologies if my previous searching did not find a relevant topic, but is it possible to have a script crawl back through all my (properly tagged) albums and pull an original release date for the YEAR field from discogs (or another site), or would this have to be done manually per album?


I too would like to know if this is possible.

you can it with my discogs script if you configure it to only write the YEAR tag field.
however, you still have to do it per album.