Calculate album time and save as tag

is there an easy way how to calculate total album runtime and save it to Comments tag?


What do you mean by "easy"?
As MP3tag only knows one file at a time, it does not know anything about albums.
I would say: the easiest way would be to select the files of an album and take note of the values in the status bar. There you can see the total duration.

A little more complicated is the way with an export where you first export the total times to a text file and then re-import the data into the audio files.

An easy way would be to write an action that would look at a value and if it is a number, add it to some operational memory for numbers. And at the end of that group add an action that would distribute that end number to a specified field

That of course is not possible today- but maybe this should be made into a request?

Just think about- what if we could have such additional "export" option, that would take data [in form of digits, including decimal fractions] from selected files and make out of it a new usable data? The case above would be one of the possible utilization of such new feature. Others could be: counting of an average BPM of an album, establishng an average track lenght of all radio version of your singles, knowing an average rating of a whole work of a given band based on a 1-5 system applied previously to all their albums etc.

And statisticians drown in rivers with an average depth of 1.5m ...
I wonder what "averages" have to do with total lengths.
Also, I wonder why files would benefit from a more or less randomly composed value of an arbitrary selection of files.
As soon as the context of that selection dissolves, the value looses its significance.
But there may be use cases.
And these use cases could be served in the described way.

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