Calculate total discs and clear field if total discs are only 1

I have changed my thinking on this as I am generating folders for my updated library for "total discs" when I move the folders however I do not see the need to create a subfolder for single disc albums, is there a way to calculate total discs (assuming that this field has no value) than deleting the discnumber field only if the totaldisc field returns a value where the album in question is not a single disc and to remove the totaldisc number from the discnumber field if it is greater than a single disc and simply put it into its own field?

Am sure from what I can see as I type that part of this request has already been addressed (Strip total disc number from discnumber field) but am looking to combine this if at all possible...

No. There is no function in MP3tag that knows anything about albums and how they are distributed across discs.
You have to add this data manually.

[In future, try to write shorter sentences, chopping the problem and what you want to say into pieces]

I also change my system, more than once, about many fields and the data itself that I want / need to see

I would suggest using a system where you actually put "1" to describe a release that had one disc / part / source / whatever. For the longest time I only was describing with numbers those releases that had more than 1- and it was [objectively] wrong approach

Currently I put the number of discs [or of "whatevers"] at the end of ALBUM tag field, right after the title of a given release [but that I view as being superior only in a subjective matter, in correlation to how I use different fields]