Calculate Total Time

Hey all...

Is it possible to create a field (action) that will calculate the total time of a CD in minutes and store it? I cannot seem to figure it out. Maybe an action?


I can't think of a way for several reasons:
A field is stored in a single track. How should a single track know it is part of a CD?
MP3tag only looks at one track at a time.
So there is no store that hands over data to the next track.
The amount of time is, to my opinion, a transient value that is only valid for a certain selection. Modifiying the display conditions (e.g. filter) would render the data in that field invalid (if it were possible to create it in the first place).

The only way I see is to export the data to a file and reimport it into a program that can calculate the sums.
For the time being: Perhaps it helps to have a look at the bottom right of the mp3tag window: there mp3tag sums up the length in bytes and minutes of the current selection.

All Mp3tag would have to do is expose the four values shown in the status bar through one or more functions. The values are total time of selected files, total bytes of selected files, total time of files in view and total bytes of files in view.