Can anyone explain the why the Difference??

I have a TEAC MCD53MPC CD/Mp3 Cassette Recorder. I sometimes use it to play MP3 Audio Books...which are in folders.
This machine has a mind of its own in how it selects folders and display numbers.

In comparison if I play the same disc in a dvd player the folder and files are displayed as I burned them.

Can anyone explain the why the Difference??


No, I can't. Ask TEAC.
But: check whether you have filled the tag for "Albumartist" - it could be that your TEAC reads these (and does not only rely on the filename as apparently your DVD player does) and groups the files by this tag. As the albumartist is probably empty or not there all the tracks look the same and so the TEAC uses the next sort criteria - which could also be "random".
Unfortunately you don't tell in which way the playing order differs on the TEAC.

So: try it whether filling the albumartist tag makes a difference. As this is easily done with MP3tag it shouldn't be too much of an effort.

Some time ago I have tried to push the Mp3tag community to build up a database about hardware players and their software implementations, but sadly there was no return from users anymore.

Nevertheless it might be interesting for you to see the pictures how some vendor has implemented the playing order into the player.
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