Can anyone help me create an action to correct word case?

Hello All.

Big fan of this software. I was wondering, is there any way to create an action that will go through my music collection and correct the case of all abbreviations in song name and album?

For example, 'Tv', should be TV. 'Ii' should be II (roman number 2) and so on.

Can this be done?


FAQ: How to change upper/lower case of tag fields or filenames?

and refer to to
FAQ: How to replace the string “xyz” in tag-fields or filenames?
for other replacements (e.g., Tv to TV). Make sure you have the option only as whole word enabled, for all string replacements where it should not replace a substring inside a word.

You can check this post for an action for upper-case roman numbers

I would advise you to split the whole work into partial tasks:

0] Make a copy of the original title in some other field, be it %TEMPORARY% or some %TITLE-ORIGINAL%

1] You filter files, narrowing from all to some. For example by putting in the Filter Box ````TITLE HAS "tv"```. Those are your potentials

2] You mark all of those files by crating a made up field like %CORRECTION-TV% and giving for all of them the value like TTT or some other thing that would not be present in any field

3] You write a proper action to deal with the problem / error

4] You test the action on one file. If it works then apply it to all those TTT files

5] Unless you had a perfect order and wrote an action that ruled out various Tv-like similars and took care of various variation of the problem, you should now go manually through all of those TTT files too check if everything is OK

6] You can now go to another task, having the ability to find later on those tv-cases by writing just that TTT marker in the Filter Box

7] When you are finish with all of the tasks, you wipe out all markers

There are of course other steps and fail safes,but that is the basic pattern of a secured work