Can Convert Text File to Tag include cover images?

I use a program to keep an inventory of my movies and books. This program automatically downloads cover images and I would like to include them when I import my tags into mp3tag. I can export the path of the cover image into the same text file I use to import my other tags. Is there a way to add the cover images from that file using the full file path?

For movies, I use a format string like below, but I have %dummy% where the cover image path is located. It would be so much easier to add a value so mp3tag could read the path and import the image.


Thanks for the help

Not in one go AFAIK.
But if you know the path to the picture files, you can include this path and save it during the text import in a user-defined field, e.g. %picture_path%
And then you run an action of the type "Import cover from file" and enter as
Format string: %picture_path%

Convert "Text File to Tag" means to import text values from a text file into text oriented tag fields.
To import picture binary content there is an action "Import from cover file".

You can import a filepath, which points to a picture file, into a tagfield having a name of your choice, e. g. 'CoverImagePath'.

Afterwards you can apply the imported filepath by the tagfield content name %CoverImagePath% to reference the picture file within the action "Import cover from file".


Thank you ohrenkino and DetlevD. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am going to give it a try tonight.