Can cover art be downloaded as separate files?

Saving downloaded covers in FLAC files takes an incredibly long time. And I don't need or want the covers embedded in the tags. I'd rather have cover.jpg files and nothing in the tags.

Can Mp3tag do this?

If not, is it an active feature request that's being considered?

This is already possible via the Tag Sources dialog and one of the cover-only web sources. In the Tag Sources dialog you can right click on the cover-art window and enable Save image to disc. This setting is remembered across sessions.

The filename for cover art can be adjusted via Options > Tag Sources.

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Thanks Florian. I would never have found that. Maybe the 'Save to tag' and 'Save to disc' right-click options should also be in the Options > Tag Sources.

What does 'Correct aspect ratio' do? I don't see anything in the Help.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so ...
... use dialog "Extended Tags" and put these example pictures as cover pictures into a test file.

... and this picture too: >>>

Then use the context menu of the cover picture (mouse click right) and play with the option "Correct aspect ratio".


Seldom. If you can't explain it then you don't understand what it does.

JJ Johnson, I think I do understand the term "aspect ratio" and what Mp3tag "correct aspect ratio" means and does.
You see that I am able to create pictures which can demonstrate how "correct aspect ratio" works in Mp3tag reality.

I am convinced that you are able to describe what you see, when you switch Mp3tag's "correct aspect ratio" on and off using the example pictures.

See related forum postings:"aspect+ratio"

See also:


Still no explanation. Big help.

JJ Johnson, you can read, you can write, so try it out for yourself to find a textual description by describing what you see when you are doing it.
Begin with the smallest smiley example picture from my posting above.
How does the display change between the two states of "aspect ratio corrected" and "aspect ratio not corrected"?
Then try the red bar example picture, what do you see?