Can "headers" be changed?


I have a series of lectures and not songs, which I wish to tag. Is it possible to do the following and if yes, how do I do it using Mp3tag?

I want
Artist: changed to Speaker:
Album: changed to Series:
Genre: changed to Department:


In Mp3tag you cannot assign some user defined field name to existing standard tag-field.
You are free to create tag-fields with names of your wish.
In Mp3tag list view you can insert or modify columns for these new tag-fields.
In Mp3tag tag panel you may add edit dialogs for these tag-fields.
If you want to see the content from such user defined tag-fields in other applications, then probably you have to fill tag-fields, which are well known common standard.
As usual ... you can open the property dialog of a column header using the secondary mouse click ... and see what's going on there.