Can/How Do I add a tag to the left column?

On the left side there's title ,artist, album, year, track, genre, comment, map, albumartist, composer and writenumber(I have a dutch version so that's a direct translatioN) and the album cover.
But I want to add another field there, unsyncedlyrics so I can quickly add lyrics to songs.
I want to put the music on my phone and be able to read the lyrics while listening without
having an internet connection, but the way I have to do it right now is more tedious than it could be.
I know how you can change the columns on the right where the songs are displayed, but not the ones on the left.

Extras - Opties - Tagpaneel

Heel erg bedankt! :smiley:
(Thanks a lot! :smiley:)

waaaaait.. that only makes you able to fill the first sentance..which means it doesn't work.
Well, guess I'll have to do it the hard way than. Thanks for helping anyways :stuck_out_tongue:.

never mind, there's an option ''meerregelig'' which I now ticked, thank you!