Can I add a new default for "Album Artist"

Hi Florian,
You have "< blank >" and "< keep >" as default options for a number of tag fields and then you fill the drop list from the selected data records. Can you enable user-defined defaults. For instance, and the reason for my request, I would like to have "Various Artists" as a default option for Album Artist.

Or does this already exist and I haven't found it yet :blush:

Regards Sed Mayne

In a way a function exists to add often used strings .
See e.g. this thread:

Look here:
Default Value in Tag-Panel

Mmmm. Yes. But. No. I double-clicked the Album Artist field in Options and entered "Various Artists" but now when I bring up an album of songs I have to select another option if I don't want Various Artists. Worst is I have to remember to do it EVERY TIME I don't want it. That sort of reverse logic almost always fails for me. Also if I do select another option I can't get the Various Artists option back.

What I want is to see it in the drop list along with < keep > and < blank > and be able to select it or not.

This is only possible, if you select also a file that serves as some kind of template.
Or you follow the already linked thread from