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I added the field MOOD to the tag panel with a name of Rhythm/Mood. The drop-down list has the default and items only.

Is there a way to Add items, such as Cumbia, Pasillo, etc., to this drop-down list? Do I have to enter the item each time?

In addition to the MOOD field, I wish to do the same with other tag fields such as Artist and/or Composer.

Jerry B

You cannot add user-defined dropdown list items.
If you have standard strings then create actions of the type "Format value" for these strings.

I'm new at this. What do you mean by, "Strings"?
I love that "Genre" has a drop-down menu...and I'd like to see some for "subgenre", "mood"...and so forth.

How does one go about adding that particular customization?

I look forward to hearing from anyone that can provide some direction!


Ah, I see: it could be violins and mandolins - no: a string as I meant it is just any collections of (printable) letters.
So if you have a certain Mood that you want to set frequently, then create an action of the type
Format value for the field MOOD
Format string: Elevated
(or whatever the name of the mood is).
Use this action to set the data in the field MOOD.

Violin? Mandolins?? Haa! That's funny. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I was pretty sure those weren't what was being referred to. sounds like learning how to customizing metadata stuff is pretty techie.
It seems like there's a somewhat steep learning curve for someone like me who hasn't any coding experience (a little html, but that's all)

So, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask a few more questions:

  1. What's involved in creating a drop-down menu that will allow me to chose several entries from a long list?
    In one case, I'd like to choose only one item from the drop-down menu (like "Genre" already does).
    In another instance, I'd like to be able to choose several entries from a drop-down menu so
    that those selected items will all show up in the metadata.

  2. Are there places/people from whom I can download templates that are already created?

  3. There are some metadata tags that I'd want to be the same thing for pretty much every song. How does one go about adding that tag as a "default" for each song I tag?

  4. Are there any decent tutorial videos that would show me how to customize mp3tag?

If I haven't worded these questions correctly, or if you have any questions, please feel free to write back to ask for clarification.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond..and hopefully, pointing me in the right direction.



All I am saying now is valid with the version up to 2.89a.
The only dropdown list with predefined values is the one for GENRE.
All other input fields in the tag panel show
and a list of the contents of that field from all the tracks you have currently selected in the files list.
So now you can select one item from this list.
It is not possible to select several items in one go.
It is not possible to get items into the dropdown list that are not already in the selected files.
So you may define an already existing track as template track and include it in the selection of files in the files list.
Or you create an action as described in Create User List of Items
If the name of the action contains a # then this is used as indicator to create a submenu, e.g.
I doubt that you find ready-made collections of actions for this purpose (referring to

You can also set up an action that writes specific data to a field - you have to call it, though.

Don't know. I use this forum. And the help
Perhaps you start with the FAQs

I've just released Mp3tag v3.18 with the option to configure Custom List Values on a per-field level on the Tag Panel.

You can find it via Options → Tag Panel → Edit and I think you could just add the moods you're using there to have a list of pre-defined values.

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