Can I add fields to the "Tag Panel"?

Okay... So far so good... Now to really stretch things. :flushed:

I would very much like to have all the fields I employ in the full sheet listing in the Tag Panel, including the "Self-Defined" columns. Is there a way to do this?

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You can add user-defined fields via Options > Tag Panel.

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Partial success... so a step in the right direction.

I was able to include all the fields I wanted into the Tag Panel.


Whatever I add in the user defined spaces is not transferred to the main sheet... even after I save.

I added the spaces in the Tag Panel with the following:

Field: UserText Name: VA- Various Artists

Field: UserText
Name: @- Confirmed

Any suggestions?

Hmm... It makes no sense having two different fields which point to the same value ("UserText"). The name is for the label that appears above the textbox, but field has to match the field name you want to have displayed. So, in your case, both fields will point to the custom field "USERTEXT" because that is what you used.
I know you had some problems with the columns - basically, under "Field", write the same thing you wrote for "Field" in the columns configuration without the percent signs (let's say you used "%various_artists%" in the columns, use "various_artists" in the panel configuration).

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