Can I automate/use action: Remove Tags & then Covert Filename - Tag

I have looked through the FAQ, and the actions section, and don't believe there is anything to answer this question.

Does anyone know a way to make these 3 steps a 'one click operation' or action?

Here is how I use Mp3tag 2.75..

Step #1
Open Mp3Tag and select Directory

Step #2
Come back a hour later as it takes a long time to read 8,000 or so files.
Select all Mp3s, and Right click -> Remove Tag

Step #3
Come back a hour later as it takes a long time to remove tags on 8,000 or so files.
Select all Mp3s, and Right click -> Convert Filename - Tag

So basically it takes a whole day to come back and go through these steps, when it seems like there should be a way to have it do them all overnight on its own...

Besides that I love Mp3Tag, thanks to the developers for a great application.

These two actions in a group might work, but the first will not totally eliminate the tag.
The second is equivalent to Filename->Tag:

Action #1:
Action type: Remove fields except
Fields to leave (semicolon-separated): ;

Action #2:
Action type: Guess values
Source format: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: %track% - %artist% - %title%

Why don't you overwrite the tags with the information from the Convert process? That would save you one step.

And concerning the reading speed: this is hardly an MP3tag problem. Get yourself some decent hardware and it will be over in minutes. Even from an external HDD (USB3.0) 8000 files should take no more than 2 minutes.

We really don't have enough information about the tags to know why the OP wants to delete them. We haven't seen his Read/Write/Delete tag setup nor the tag types that are already in the files.

Yes, removing the entire tag is an hazardous act.
One might lose descriptive data and cover images, ...
which later on in time would be valuable to own ...
and at least time expensive to get back.


Thank you to everyone for the replies.

I have fast 7200 rpm hardrives, it's just a lot of files.
I wasn't suggesting it was a mp3tag problem, just was looking for a way to reduce the steps.

The reason I need to do them as separate operations is because the files contain incorrect tag data when I get them. There is no way to trust what is in all the tags, and I only need to save the artist and title (which I can accurately get from the name of the file, which is always artist - title.mp3)

Before I can share with friends or family I need to be confident all the other tag data has been removed. Offensive names in random tags, and pornagraphic cover images are usually the biggest culprits.

I doubt that as filenames have a number of restrictions in respect to allowed characters that the ordinary title or artist does not have.