Can i copy a field to another?

i have tried for hours
i want to copy the filed COMPOSER to a new field Comp

how can i do it?
i want to do with lots of files at once

see the frequently asked questions:

i have found many actions but it delete the composer and it doesn't create a new field

then you have to show us exactly what you do.

i have tried this

How to copy one field value to another field?

Example how to copy the content of the ARTIST field to the ALBUMARTIST field:

Create a new action in an existing action group or make a new action group.

Action type: Format value
Format string: %artist%

i set like this

in short to copy the content of composer "moby" to comment
after the action , the composer field disapear and i have no comment
look before and after


It probably has to be the other way round.
The format string sets the new contents for field that you set in "Field".
So if the field COMMENT should get the contents of the field COMPOSER, then you have to select
Format string: %composer%

thanks works but it deletes the field composer
is there to keep composer fied?

The action I described does not delete COMPOSER.
So I suspect that you have still ticked the action that you used before that deleted the composer when you wrote the (non-existent) contents of COMMENT to COMPOSER.

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i have create this action

thanks Ohrenkino

The screenshot shows the configuration of one action group. As @ohrenkino pointed out above, you might have still enabled another action group.

To check this, open the actions dialog via Alt + 6 or menu "Actions > Actions" and see whether really only this action group is enabled by a ticked checkmark before running the action.

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