Can I create convert (for example tag -> filename ) presets?

Can I create /edit or delete file name presets ?

Convert->tag filename

Instead of the Convert function, create actions of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME.

i have always used convert
I would like to create a folder (artist ) a subfolder year , another subfoder album , tracknumer. title
can i create it with an anction ?
but would nice have tempate and preset in the convert

Every new and at least once used "Format string" will be saved automatically to your preset list.

You can click on the Arrow-Down-icon on the right side of the drop down box and select one of this presets.

If you change one of this entries and use it, it will be added automatically.

If you click on the Arrow-Right-icon right from the drop-down box you can
a) Delete one - the actual - entry
b) Delete all entries

This presets are available for both, Actions and Converter.


Hi LyricsLover
sadly the mp3tag prerence is not a text ,or a file I can edit with notepad++
I will try your suggestion
thanks appreciate your help!

See the FAQs: Create folder structures from tags.
Only that you use an action of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME, perhaps with an absolute path.