Can I do simple things in here?



For example, I have:
"tracy chapman-its the beginning.mp3"
"beauty and beast-beauty & best.mp3"
"Fire - Forsten(rmx).mp3"
"celine dion - track 1.mp3"

Can it make them look like:
"Tracy Chapman - It's the beginning.mp3"
"Beauty and the Beast - Belle.mp3"
"Forsten - Fire (remix).mp3"
"Celine Dion - My heart will go on.mp3"

Case 1:
If the files have artist/track name in file name, can I rename the files with case conversion and fill tags?

Case 2:
If the files have artist info, and no track info in tags, can I still get the desired results of Artist - Title.mp3 somehow?

Case 3:
If the file has missing filename, but has full tags.. can I update it to reflect filename?

Please help. More cases to come..


Please look in the help or the FAQs next time since all your questions are answered there already.

You can use a Case conversion action to convert the case and you can use a Replace action to turn "-" into " - " and "(rmx)" into "(remix)".

If you want to complete missing information inside tags, you can use freedb to do that or any other websource available in Mp3tag.

For creating a filename based on the tag fields, look at the Tag - Filename converter.


Please accept my humble apologies, Sebastian.
I see all of what I requested is available. I hope there's sufficient documentation, heh.

Now, one question, I've been downloading individual tracks via p2p for 10 years atleast. And we all know how notorious such downloaded files are, tags incorrect, or not available, etc.
How can I solve such problems?