Can I Edit The Volume Control Icon?

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I also have two more questions being can I set the album art back to none/default after if I made a mistake? And what does setting the cover type do?

If anyone could help me and guide me it would be greatly appreciated!!!

(Also by Volume Control Icon i'm talking about this)

Load the file into MP3tag,
Right-click on the cover display in the tag panel,
select "Remove cover"
Press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
This deletes the selected, embedded picture from the file.

Makes a better difference between embedded picture. Hardly any player can cope with more than 1 picture and even fewer evaluate the set type. Usually, players tend to take the first embedded picture they find.

Volume control icon? As MP3tag is a tagging program I doubt that it has influence on the appearance of a player. The volume is property of the audio data that MP3tag leaves as it is.

mp3tag is capable of tagging some of my songs, but not all of them.

Could you check in MP3tag whether the data is visible there? Or is the new tag data not visible in your player but in MP3tag it is fine?
What kind of files do not get tagged? WAV? MP3?
What is the difference between the files that get tagged and those that don't?
If you need more information about MP3tag, please post screenshots of MP3tag dialogues like the "Extended Tags" dialogue (Alt-T) and the options dialogue in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.

Found out it only affects the Album Art and not the Song Art it self the way i'm doing it, thanks.