can i get some help with discnumber

I've been a long time user of MP3 tag, but just had the need to register, cause i have a question

I am trying to move all my multi-CD albums into one folder, and just have my files named the following way [discnumber] - [track] - [artist] - ....
I've used foobar to stick the discnumber tag into the files, but i can't get it to show up in mp3tag, nor do i have any idea how to do a mass rename with discnumber being in the file name

thanks for your help in advance

Where did foobar2000 put that information? Select a file and then open the :mt_tag: Tags window (ALT+T). If the field name is "DISCNUMBER", you can use "%discnumber%" in the :mt_ttf: Tag-Filename converter.

ok, this is strange
i've done the alt+t thing, and the discnumber did not show up in mp3tag, even though it was clearly there in foobar.

if i remove it from foobar, and add it using mp3tag, it shows up in mp3tag, but won't show up in foobar file properties, even though the playlist will still recognize it

i am very confused

What fields are displayed in the Tags window?

Did you try to reload the info from file in fb2k?

Maybe there there are also different contents in APEv2 and ID3v2 tags. You have to make sure, that you read/write the same tags with both programs.