Can I Lock my MP3 Tags!?

Hi everyone, please help me.
I want to edit my MP3 Files with MP3Tag, I want to know can I lock my MP3Tags after I edit those! I mean I want to edit my MP3 files and after that no one can change INFOs On my MP3 files. Can I do that or not!?

If someone can make a copy from your files he/she can make any change the he/she want.
As long as you can control who can access the files (ie on server or NAS on your own network), you can restrict it to "read-permission" and no-one with this permission can make a change to your files.

Or what exactly do you need to prevent?

I am a singer and I want to put my music in my own site, I editing my mp3tags and I dont want anybody change that, and change my music info in mp3tag, can I do that or what? Please show me a way.
Thanks for your attention.

No, you can't.
But you will not need to do that because in most internet sites the owner is the onlyone allowed to write in the site, so people will only be able to download your music and modify tags in their own computers. Obiously they will not be able to upload any file to your site or replace the files you uploaded.

Also you can flag files as "read only" but it is a bit useless.

Tanx, yes they cant upload in my site but they can upload my songs on their sites and modify my mp3tags. Then I can't do anything about that.
Thank you very much to help me.

If you offer *.mp3-files on your own website to play/download, you don't have a secure way to protect your work.
There is only one thing you could think about: to offer a low quality version of your songs. People can hear your music to decide if they like it or not. But if they really want it, they have to buy your CD.
(But again, you can't control it. Once I have buyed your CD, I can rip it and even upload it to some One-Click-Hosting-Sites. This is illegal, but there is nothing you can technically do against it...)

OK, thank you for your attention.