Can I make a column for "Album art aspect ratio"?

Hi Everyone,

I hope no one minds me asking for help with this rather than struggling through and figuring it out myself, but I'm hoping someone will be able to give me a yes or no whether what I need might be possible and I can go from there.

Basically I have a Nokia phone that doesn't like non-square album art in id3 tags. The phone locks up and gets upset. Most of my mp3s are fine, but some aren't.

I'd like to make a column in MP3tag that shows the aspect ratio of the album art. Then I can quickly see which of my files have a non-1 aspect ratio and I can fix them.

Do you think that's possible?

Thanks for your help!


I noticed that the latest version of this wonderful program has a new aspect ratio option. It reminded me that I still haven't solved the above problem, so I thought I'd bump this original forum post.

Does anyone know how to do this yet? Thanks! Apologies for the bump (but it's been over a year so I guess it's okay!) :wink:

This is still not possible but I'll put it on my internal wish list.

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If you are familiar with scripting you could use something like getID3 (for PHP) to extract the dimensions from the files and write it to a tag or use mp3tag to extract the images to external files and use IrfanView to write the information to a file via the "/info=txtfile" command line option.


@Florian: Thank you!

@Daz: I could probably figure it out eventually, but it's too time consuming for now. Curse my day-job! :wink: