Can I make my custom tags "first level" tags?

Hi everyone,

I'm writing this post as way of hopefully finding a workaround for the bug I have posted at the below URL, which results in MP4 tags which are not recognized by Mp3Tag to not be written back into the file upon a "save".


I have noticed that any "custom" tag that I put into MP3Tag is written into MP4's as the Apple format tag. Meaning, under a tag "-----" which then has "children" which state the name and value for that tag.

Is there any way to make my custom tags "first level" tags (meaining written out just like the "YEAR" or "Album" tag?)

I'm trying to fix the issue I refered to above, but again, when I try to write those tags, they get written out as (output of AtomicParsley):

Atom "----" [rate] contains: 96

Instead of:

Atom "rate" contains: 96



That's a shame... I guess it's a feature request then, to create an options window, where the (advnaced) user can enter the tags which they wish to write as first level... Potentially the program would allow the user to state the type of the field, and have a predefined (ie. not user changeable) max length for its data...