Can I move songs from multiple folders into one?

I have numerous songs in multiple folders under a master directory. Different artists, albums, etc.

I would like to move all of them into a single folder with no sub-folders.

Can this be done under MP3tag?

Thank you in advance.

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To just move files just to 1 diirectory there is no need to use Mp3Tag. You can do that with any file-explorer like the windows-explorer.
MP3Tag would be useful if you would want to move files to different folders according to the information of the embedded tags-fields.

Open the windows-explorer. Write *.mp3 in the search field in the upper right corner, mark all the listed files, drag & drop them to the folder you want to.
If you have files than MP3s you have the change the search string.

Thank you!

I appreciate your help.

THis may be too late now:
If you rename the filename with a fully qualified filename (which included drive letter and the full path), then you can move files around the file system.
This may lead to empty folders.

If you rename a _DIRECTORY with a fully qualified path (without the filename) then a complete folder gets moved to the new location - which may lead to the effect that several separate folders got merged into one.

I appreciate your help.

Hi Buster, when I do this:

I drag all the folders, in your case the "Main Folder: into MP3tag,

Sort (click on column in the list) to see what duplicates there are

Option to either renaming them or skip them to deal with at a later time.

Select all (ctrl + a),

Right click, select "Move", select the "Folder / Directory" & move them to & allow the files to be moved or not when prompted.

BUT remember to check the folders to ensure they are empty or for files you didn’t want moved for renaming or images etc.

Once completed delete the folders.

Hope this helped.

MP3tag is loaded with lots of great features enjoy exploring them.


Thank you for your assistance.

Best Wishes

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