can i save 2 file cover art jpg with 1 click?


i would like to save cover art in 2 jpg files

  1. folder.jpg
  2. AlbumArt.jpg

can i do it?


Create an action group with 2 actions of the type "Export cover".
In the first enter "folder" as filename
In the second enter "albumart" as filename
(shouldn't that be "albumartsmall"?)

Select (at least one of) the audio files and execute the action group.

Hi ohrenkino
thanks for the answer
i create an action group like the screenshot but it doesn't work
i have not cover embeded in the tag , but i use tag source to download the album art
my action is


An export of covers works, naturally, only with embedded covers. Otherwise there is nothing to export.
Without embedded covers, BTW, you can't save a picture at all.

Back to the web sources: in the dialogue that shows you the cover to download, there is a "utils" button at the bottom left.
Check the options in this button-menu. Yet, you get only one cover at a time. But once you have saved the covers in the tag (embedded them), you can export them with your actions.