Can MP3 Tag automatically display Spotify songwriter metadata?

When I import from Spotify the composer credits are not automatically displayed in MP3 Tag. Is there a way that I can get MP3 Tag to do so?
Any help would be really, really appreciated as I really don't want to manually type thousands of names unless I have no other choice.

You can define an element in the tag panel or a column in the file list to show the contents of the composer field.

AFAIK there is currently no working web source script for Spotify. So how do you

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

I download spotify tracks through a third party website and then input them into MP3 Tag. The composer field is always empty even though available on spotify track info, although it reads title, artist, album, track, disc number and album artwork automatically. Your reply is beyond my computer understanding knowledge capabilities so is there any way you could write it idiot proof to this idiot!

The first thing to clearify: does MP3tag simply not show the composer in the tag panel or the file list but the field itself is there?
Check this with the extended tags dialogue Alt-T.

If there is no field for the composer,
then I am afraid, MP3tag cannot do a lot for you in respect to get that information from the internet.
You would have to consult the third party sw. support and ask them if they could include the composer.
So far, there is no web source script in MP3tag to get data from spotify.

If the tag field for Composer or any others are missing from the actual file, it is not a function of mp3tag that is removing it. You will need to check with the "third party" program to ask why. However I wouldn't expect much support as Spotify's files are supposed to be encrypted for use only within their app.