Can Mp3tag automatically correct 30,000 tracks?

OK, I have heard how great this program is so I just forked out $19.99 on the Apple App Store for it but have no clue how it works.

I recently finished ripping hundreds and hundreds of CDs. I have almost 30,000 tracks. I bought this program wanting to make sure all the album art work is correct and all the metadata is correct. It looks like I have to go through each individual track and verify it for myself? That can't be right.

So my question is, will this program go through the 30,000 tracks and find things it doesn't feel are correct and then display those? Also, once it finds something it thinks is inaccurate can I have the program go ahead and just fix it with what it thinks is the correct info?

I see the quick actions but I don't want to fix upper case, lower case; I don't want to resize images; I don't want to import stuff - I want my stuff fixed with what this "amazing" program thinks is accurate.

I don't think I'm an idiot but this program seems very unintuitive. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong or I'll just ask for a refund from the App Store...


There is no way any program will “fix” 30k files that may or may not already be tagged to your expectations. There will always need to be manual intervention. Many artists use intentional spelling errors, case convention isn’t always followed, and different release versions of similar albums have many differences track to track. Plus there are plenty of discussions even here within the community about what “proper” tagging is.

Sorry this probably isn’t the answer you are looking for, but I don’t think there is a magic solution out there that can do what you are asking. But mp3tag is an incredible tool to help you manage your library. Your 30k files may seem like a daunting task, but you will find that with a bit of experience you can make most updates pretty quickly. Spend a bit of time to get familiar with the filter and actions, and it won’t take long at all.

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I obviously didn't rip 30,000 songs that were wrong.

I used dbpoweramp and 5 different drives to rip my CDs. I was hoping to use another program to basically double check dbpoweramp's work. mp3tag had some very good reviews - albeit only about 30 - so I thought I would purchase it and use it to verify and/or point out whatever errors there might be.

I didn't sit and stare and watch every single track and cd that was ripped. I do have a life... so if this program is unable to double check the work and point out possible errors the program is worthless to me.... that's all I need to know.


Did you know that MP3tag for Mac comes with a 1 week trial version? You could have spared yourself the effort to ask for a refund...

I still wonder how you think that

  • if there were such a data source, don't you think that your original program would have used that in the first place?

Anyway: you are free to install whatever programs you like and if you find one that fulfills your needs, it would be nice to hear from your success.

As someone who ripped a similar number of tracks, there is no way any program can do what you want. For all these reasons you've been given above.

I found that most of my files were correct. EAC does a great job. But there were lots of tweaks needed. Especially with Album Art, which is a big deal to me. Or multi-CD albums, which a ripper can't automate, since they do their thing one CD at a time. I spent a lot of time going folder by folder, and tagging them the way I wanted.

It's a commitment not all want to make. Understandably.


I have ripped (and downloaded the last Years) more than 200.000 Songs and i have corrected every single Track by myself to know everything is like i want it to.
Every Artwork i have separately downloaded and embedded, and sometimes i had to correct it with Gimp to be Square and nice looking.

That is much work, but no Software can do the complete Job for you. Mp3tag is the best Software to correct Tags in Batch, but you have to do it yourself with the Tools Mp3tag give you.

You could spent more Money and buy Roon, dump all the Fils/Folders in it and perhaps it looks good for you. But Roon didn't change the Tags, it only shows it better with their good Database.

For me is my Music a Hobby, and i'll spent thousands of Hours to have perfect Foldernames, Filenames and Tags and Artwork. After that is perfect, i use it with Roon based only on my Data.

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