Can mp3tag be used as a plugin for media players

mp3Tag is so advanced in the amount of other files it supports for tagginmg like wma, ogg, aac and not just the standard mp3 tagging.

It would be great if mp3tag could be used as a single exe plugin for media player's that wish to support it when it comes to reading id3 tags across different formats. Many media player's out there lack any sufficient id3 tag reading like VLC or windows mplayer forntends. It could help developers for plugins for a free app like mp3tag to supply the proper id3 tag reading required in those purposes. Something like a compressed single mp3tag.exe as a plugin, just like how there is a lame.exe when it comes to encoding mp3's... Would this possible with a price attached maybe?

Another request: I made an earlier request months back about tag fields should be able to preserve entered unsaved text in the tag fields (memory) when tagging multiple files so that entered text does not get lost in betwen selecting a next file in the editor - what about this improvement too