Can mp3tag delete entire directory when deleting a track?

I've wanted to use mp3tag to cull duplicates yet I'm left with empty directories. But ofcourse, some directories (of the culled tracks) still have songs in them so don't want it deleting those folders!

P.S Using Mac version yet posted in general because I don't this is a Mac issue.

In Windows I use a handy program called “Remove Empty Directories” or RED. it is very quick and has a simple but effective GUI. I don’t think there is a Mac version of it, but perhaps something similar exists for the platform?

It's a question of workflow.
Folders and directories do not matter for MP3tag - so there is no function to find and treat empty folders.
But as your interaction with the program leads in the end to empty folders ... it should be possible that (in many cases) you move the last file in folder to a new location, its final folder. And if you rename the folder instead of the file, then the contents of the folder and the folder itself is moved to the new location.

As your problem with duplicates arises from the download of playlists, it should (also) be possible to define a target folder where all the downloads are collected and then you distribute them to their target location. Like that you would not have to look all over the file system but only at the collection folder and see if there are any left-overs.

I see how this is beyond mp3tag, thank you guys for explaining. I'll look into programs to find empty directories and continue with manual checks.